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Sacramento political consulting
Issue advocacy grounded in solid policy and political analysis

Phil Giarrizzo Campaigns has built a reputation for delivering results-driven strategies – grounded in solid policy and political analysis – for elected officials, candidates, labor unions, corporations, and trade associations.

PGC can deliver everything you need to succeed, including: political, legislative, and regulatory strategies, award-winning advertising and communications programs, coalition building, grassroots mobilization and issue advocacy campaigns. Read more...

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Political campaign services, direct mail and more

From one brochure or a single radio spot, to a full-scale direct mail, media, or vote-by-mail campaign, PGC is ready to help you win on Election Day.

  • Candidates
  • Ballot Measures
  • Independent Expenditure Campaigns
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Grass Roots Lobbying

PGC delivers strategy-based grassroots and grass tops communications and mobilization programs for a broad array of corporate, public policy, political and professional clients.

We tailor our approach to meet your organization's needs and build real grassroots and grass tops coalitions, not Astroturf.

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Issue Advocacy

Through our network of relationships, and our ability to quickly gauge the local, state or national political climate, we can generate the kind of support that moves policy makers – high quality, strategically chosen contacts, whose letters, phone calls and presence in meetings will grab a policy-maker's attention.

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Events Coordination

Using our strategic sense, contacts, and knowledge of California, we bring a comprehensive approach to event planning, including:

  • Clearly defining objectives
  • Drafting an action plan, timeline and budget
  • Developing a publicity strategy
  • Generating attendance
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Public Relations

PGC's extensive experience can help you develop a sophisticated, focused and ongoing external communications campaign, using a variety of methods, including:

  • News Stories and Opinion Pieces
  • Public Issues Analysis
  • Film/Video Productions
  • Social Media Campaigns
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Direct mail

PGC is a leader in the world of direct mail, having produced award-winning direct mail for local, state and national candidates at all levels. With a team of creative professionals, PGC produces printed material that is rooted in winning strategies and delivers a message that's guaranteed to break through the mailbox clutter.

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